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Angelo Po America Inc. is a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company.

With 95 years of innovative and technologically advanced manufacturing expertise in professional cooking equipment, the Angelo Po brand name being synonymous with quality workmanship, durability and value; has earned unprecedented global respect and brand loyalty; and is widely recognized as the brand of choice among professional chefs and restaurateurs worldwide


Blast Chiller / Freezer

Blast Chiller.jpg


  • Angelo Po is one of the largest combi oven producers in the world. 


  • Over 92-years-old / 5th generation family owned / globally recognized with zero debt. Recently acquired in 2016 by the Marmon Group/Berkshire Hathaway Company, the 11th largest Corp. in the world.


  • We have been producing advanced technology Combistar combi ovens for over 43 years. This longer than any other competitor.


  • We utilize some of the most advanced manufacturing technology available positioning us well as a global supplier



  • Our history here in the United States over the past 19 years has been OEM/private label production to many competitive companies, including Alto Shaam, Cleveland, Lang & (Convotherm)


  • This basically means that almost $80 million in combi sales in the U.S. were made by Angelo Po. 


  • In 2014 Angelo Po stopped all private label manufacturing & set up business as Angelo Po America in Hatboro PA. 


    ***  In terms of differentiation from the other competitors, Angelo Po stands alone in the following ways. ***



  • Angelo Po Combistar combi ovens are a "boiler less technology".


  • Boiler technology used by many competitors is an old and outdated technology. It uses excessive energy and water to generate adequate steam generation. 


  • The Angelo Po boiler less technology is a patented steam generation system which creates "on demand steam" with low water and low energy consumption. 


  • Water is dropped into a drop crusher (fan) which rotates at over 5000 rpm's and ultimately vaporizes the water into a mist, which is transported to the heating element creating steam, maximizing efficiency in low water and energy usage.  


  • A boiler system has a water tank which must continuously be filled, then boiled and held at 212 degrees to eventually generate steam. This is a slow process with excessive use of energy and water. 

  • The Angelo Po boiler less technology can create humidity at 89 degrees. 


  • This is highly important when steaming vegetables and other sensitive food products where you want to maintain the nutrition, texture and natural vibrant colors of the food. 


  • A boiler system basically destroys the nutrition, texture and color in the vegetables due to steaming at high temperature. Angelo Po can create humidity at as low as 89 degrees.



  • Angelo Po has a patented humidity control feature "DCR" (Direct Capacitance Reading) to monitor and manage the humidity in the cooking cavity with ABSOLUTE precision. Competitors do not have as an accurate ability to truly manage the humidity within their ovens.



  • Angelo Po has a patented drain cleaning system. In addition to cleaning the oven compartment, Angelo Po also has a cleaning system incorporated into the drain to prevent drain food build-up and solidification. 


  • Angelo Po is the only combi oven which offers this technology.



  • Angelo Po offers "FMP" pasteurization which manages a jar (canning) process through a desired thermal cycle via the direct use of the standard PDP core probe (5 point/sensor probe)


  • Angelo Po incorporates the user manual within the control panel. The operator can access the user manual at any time at exactly the point of use where the oven is operating. 


  • Example: if the chef is in steam mode and is in need of any user manual assistance, he/she would push the "?" symbol on the control pad and this would bring the operator the "steam mode" section of the user manual. 


  • Angelo Po is the only brand to offer this feature. 



  • The Angelo Po uses AISI 316 marine grade stainless in the interior oven compartment. This is the best possible stainless available for a combi oven environment. 


  • Most all competitors (except Henny Penny) use a 304 stainless (basic stainless) for their interior of their ovens. 



  • Angelo Po has 6 fan speeds, 1 of which is a static mode. This is important for certain baking applications where you do not want air movement in the cooking cavity.  Angelo Po is the only combi to offer a static fan speed. 


EVC (Easy Vision Controls) CONTROLS

  • Angelo Po has a shatter-proof/non-breakable click & turn high-definition control panel. The control panel has 19,350 pixel/inch and 260,000 color variations for clear visibility. The controls are simple/user-friendly, highly durable & no competitor offers this. 


  • Angelo Po control panel can be used as a video monitor (television) for displaying training videos. Competition does not offer this.


  • Angelo Po has a HACCP management system with a 10-year memory. 


  • Mostly all competitor’s products are limited to a 1 year memory. 



  • Angelo Po has a fully automatic washing system with the choice of 5 washing cycles 3 to 140 min. long, (4 auto. 1 semi auto) 2 rinse cycles, 1 de-lime cycle. All wash cycles "can be interrupted and stopped at any time” but must be followed by a rinse cycle.


  • Most of the competitors’ products washing systems "cannot be interrupted and or stopped" when the washing cycle is started, it must be completed. It cannot be interrupted or stopped once started.  


  • Angelo Po uses safe and affordable fluid cleaning chemicals (detergent and brightener). Angelo Po also allows equal MSDS cleaning chemicals from other chemical suppliers to be used on our Angelo Po combi ovens. 


  • Many competitors cleaning chemicals are proven to be caustic and expensive. 



  • Angelo Po has 2 probes. One is a (standard) 5 point/sensor probe which is positioned inside the door channel and out of the oven zone to protect and extend the life of the probe. 


  • The second probe is a single-point sensor probe (optional) which is used for sous-vide/vacuum cooking


  • Mostly all of the competitors only offer 1 probe and that probe is consistently positioned and left inside the oven, thus deteriorating the probe and shortening the life of the probe. 




  • Angelo Po has a smoker accessory which is positioned outside of the oven cavity utilizing a standard 120v plug. The smoker being positioned outside of the cooking cavity allows the user to make full use of the entire cavity and also allows for cold smoking. 


  • After use, the operator only needs to run a "TMC" (12-minute wash) to clean and remove all the smoking odors from the cavity. 


  • Competitors offer a smoker accessory; however both must be positioned inside the oven cavity which takes up valuable cooking space in the oven. Furthermore, the competition has great difficulty in fully removing the smoking odors from their cavity. 



  • Angelo Po allows for an "ECO" function in the cooking and in the washing system. This allows the operator to reduce energy in the cooking process (overnight cooking) and in the washing cycles when needed. 



  • Is standard utilizing the best technology available to protect against chloramines, chlorides and other harmful water solids.



  • Angelo Po standard “CombiCare” warranty is 3 years parts and labor,

  • And includes: free freight, certified installation, preventative maintenance, cleaning chemicals, water quality analysis test kit, reverse osmosis water filtration system and Chef training. Elimination of reverse osmosis water filtration, certified install or our cleaning chemicals reduces the warranty to 2 years parts & labor.

  •  Angelo Po also offers a 3 years parts and 3-year warranty for K-12 schools.



  • Angelo Po is a member of CFESA (Commercial Food Equipment Service Association). We have Angelo Po Certified Installation & Warranty Repair Service Agents across North America.  



  • Angelo Po products and replacement parts are stocked in the Angelo Po America distribution facility in Horsham, Pennsylvania and made available via 24-hour delivery anywhere across the United States. 



  • On average we are less than the other major competitors in the combi oven category.



 It is common for us to offer an unconditional 30 day test on our Combistar combi ovens to qualified customers. We pay for the freight and the installation. At the end of the 30-day test, the customer would buy the oven, or we will remove it and return it to Angelo Po. To date, we have had over 65 tests across the U.S. and all have been purchased and Angelo Po thereafter designated as the "hard spec" Angelo Po combi oven to be used.  

 BE - 1

  • Blast chiller and combi oven integration, both operated through the single oven control.

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